How We're Different from Other Buyers

Day-to-day management

The managing partner will move his family to the community and assume management of the daily operations of the company.  This provides the owner with the ability to walk away or stay involved in the business in a lesser role.

Immediate liquidity

We have significant capital resources to provide immediate liquidity to business owners.  Because of our size, there is no red tape or hoops to jump through.  If we're interested in your business, we move quickly to close- the right way.  


The preservation of the founder's company is our highest priority- that includes nurturing and building existing relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and the community in both the short and long run. 



We believe that integrity is the backbone of a successful person and organization.  We approach the acquisition process and the operations of our company as if we are under a constant microscope.  We're honest, committed, and sincere in our intentions.